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Adults and Teens Use Social Media Differently

We adults are not far behind teens in our use of social media according to this infographic from NextAdvisor who compiled the data from Pew Research Center.

A few surprising data points are illuminated.  Recently, I heard that, “Facebook is for adults and kids are ‘instagramming’.”  Not according to this data as adults are the Pinterest pinners and Instgrammers while teens are the higher percentage of Facebook users.

Personally, I like Twitter and although we are close in use, teens still use Twitter more than adults.

social media | the generation gap between adult and teen users

 How will you connect with your prospective clients online?  What social media do you use?



2 Responses to Adults and Teens Use Social Media Differently

  1. There’s one demographic that isn’t included in the infographic: gender. Supposedly women “run” Pinterest, but it would be interesting to see if that assumption is true.

    • David, you are right. The graphic made no differentiation based on gender. Only age.

      A lot of businesses that sell products use Pinterest to display their goods or so I am told. And from personal experience more women that I know use it than men. But, that would be a very limited sample and not at all random.

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