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Discrepancy in Gas Prices at the Pump

Perhaps you’ve noticed it.  Maybe it means little to you.  There’s a big difference in what some local Northern Virginia gas stations are charging for regular gas.  At the Sunoco station here in Oakton the price has been locked at $2.89 per gallon for some time.

But the Madison Shell in Vienna, Virginia is offering regular for $2.77 per gallon.  That’s great for all those attending events at James Madison High School such as the recent lacrosse playoffs.  It’s also more than a 4% difference.

At the Liberty station on Route 7 in Arlington near Wakefield High School, we purchased gas for $2.69 a gallon.  We were happy to fill up.

When asked why the Oakton station was still charging that much while others were dropping their prices, they said their competition, the Exxon on Chain Bridge was charging the same.  I told them with a little planning I was all too glad to avoid the “local” surcharge.



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