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Calvin and Hobbs talk to dad about cycling in the snow.

This article is dedicated to each of you who is willing to stop and speak with a mortgage cyclist spinning through your neighborhood.  Thanks for the kind wave, saying hi or stopping and chatting for awhile.

I am a mortgage broker, a loan officer, MetFund’s mortgage cyclist who rides his bike for enjoyment, exercise and to meet people like you.

What does bicycling have to do with MetFund Mortgage

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of my career is the opportunity to meet many different and varied people across Northern Virginia and beyond.  The combination of meeting people, a love of riding and the physical exercise cycling provides is hard to beat.

There is a feeling of freedom and accomplishment from completing a bike ride.  The wind rushing through the helmet provides a sense of speed and adventure.  I feel more in touch with the road and my surroundings when I am on a bike.  It’s as if I can more fully sense what is going on around me.

The benefits of being a mortgage cyclist

When I am on my bike my creative thinking skills seem to be at maximum levels.  I solve problems easily.  The brain ignites – solutions appear out of no where.  One after another, what was once thought to be a problem becomes an opportunity.

When riding you experience up-close and firsthand the level of activity in the neighborhoods with the houses for sale.  Many times I see people slow down and stop in front of a home for sale as they collect information from the yard sign and evaluate the street appeal of the subject property.  Other times the home is obviously being shown by a Realtor or families are already coming or going with moving trucks parked outside.

Hopping in a car and driving limits our ability to interact with those we see in their yards or walking along the neighborhood streets.  On the other hand, riding a bike is a great way to meet and speak with people.  Easy to stop, easy to start cycling again.  And bikes are far less threatening than a large car or truck.  People seem to be more willing to speak with a rider biking in their neighborhood.  And my white hair doesn’t hurt.

MetFund Mortgage cyclist speaks with an interesting crowd of people

I can’t imagine a better way to really understand and appreciate people than to speak with them when they are comfortable?  People are more comfortable in their own element.  It can be a simple chat or a prolonged discussion especially if it’s a beautiful day.   We usually end up speaking in the street near their home.

I appreciate a smile and wave of awareness from those in their yards, taking a walk or driving in their cars.  When I see these folks I stop and say hello.  I want to know what is important to them; how long have they lived there; what do they like; what do they find distasteful.

Where will you find the MetFund Mortgage cyclist riding?

The Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W&OD) takes one all over Northern Virginia from Mount Vernon to Vienna, Oakton, Reston, Herndon and for the adventurous out to Leesburg and then Purcellville.

A typical ride starts on Vienna’s western boundaries at the intersection of the W&OD trail and Hunter Mill Road.  From there I head east through Vienna to Gallows Road.  Turning right I head south on Gallows staying in Vienna by turning right on Cottage Street.  The trip from there always takes a different route through the Town of Vienna.  I try and cover as many streets as possible before ending back near the Vienna Community Center.  Whether I continue beyond Hunter Mill at that point to Reston or Herndon depends on the weather, the available daylight but, mostly on the demands from work and home life.

When do the rides take place?

Most of my rides are dependent on weather and free time.  I will ride as often as work and weather permit.  I have been collecting the appropriate gear for all kinds of conditions, hot or cold.  Each presents its own challenges.  I always remember to apply sunscreen and stay hydrated.  We do get extreme temps but there are always ways to deal with them.

My daughter presented me with a Camelbak hydration system as a gift.  How did she know?  I have been slow to use the device but I am getting used to it.

How does the MetFund Mortgage Cyclist spin?

My bike of choice is a Trek 620 steel frame with down tube shifters.  It was made in the mid 80’s and still does the job.  It’s heavier than some of the newer bikes I see out on the road but it is very sturdy.  Over the last couple of rides the original SunTour derailleur has failed to move into the highest gear.  That will need to be corrected as much of the trail is perfect for that speed.

Earlier this year I replaced both tires and had a few additional tune-ups performed by Tim Fricker and his able crew at bikes@vienna.  I highly recommend Tim’s shop for expert service.

Fellow cyclists!  Where do you ride?  What trails or back roads do I need to visit?

Please say hello when you see me and don’t be alarmed when I stop to say hello.

See you in your neighborhood!




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