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Refi Plus and Downpayment Size Are Favorite Searches

This past week’s searches of MetFund found the following words or phrases of interest to you, our readers:

Fannie Mae Refi Plus 125%

By far one of most popular searches since writing on the ability of borrowers with little or no equity to refinance herehere and here.  There was also a several requests earlier in the week asking about Freddie Mac’s 125% refinance.  But, I first wrote about underwater homeowners being able to refinance with My House is Worth Less than I Owe.

Down payments, Cash Deposits and Underwriters

These three terms were found in various configurations throughout the week.   The article entitled Large Deposits Must Be Verified for Mortgage Underwriting stirred the pot with respect to the term cash deposits.  Since most of us use the resulting deposit balance for our down payments there was great interest.street mirror with house as image

Mortgage Insurance

Several recent articles referenced mortgage insurance including July’s Mortgage Insurance Could Be Troubled Borrower’s Best Friend and the important reminder to perform an Annual Mortgage Review.

Pentagon City   A lot of interest here for this shopping and dining mecca.

RESPA or lender Cure  With the new rules that allow for NO flexibility several inquiries were present.  They were directed to New Good Faith Estimate – RESPA; Cure Bites Lender in the Shorts.

mortgage rates northern virginia  Many articles have dealt with this but yesterday’s article was perhaps the most poignant

credit repudiation  Google ushered this request to the following article

what credit report is most requested by companies  This inquiry was taken here but, the search engine would probably have served the reader better by taking them to Your FICO Score.  It’s important for borrowers to differentiate between FICO and Vantage credit scores, the new model the three major credit bureaus are now peddling to consumers.

steve myers metfund  I am here to serve your needs

hollie stack dentist vienna  In 2007, I did an interview with Dr Stack.  Full disclosure:  I am pleased to report that Hollie is my dentist of choice.

oakton school district virginia map  Oakton, Virginia, is a favorite destination for families transferring into the Northern Virginia market.  We do not have a boundary school map but know from personal experience that Oakton’s school boundaries frustrates many families.  We do have a favorite page on our Oakton hometown.

meadow brook farms estate, leesburg, va  Often we find searches for people that are looking for specific subdivisions or condo projects.  They find them here because we link to a number of Homeowner Associations.

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