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Reviewing and Revisiting MetFund Mortgage Posts from the Past

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the subjects of these articles had reason to be discussed.  After reviewing and revisiting a number of the posts, I decided to do a brief synopsis of those that proved to be the most popular.

For instance, on December 16, 2008, I wrote an article entitled 30 Fixed Rates Ready to Drop Under 5%.  Can you imagine?!  Four years later and fixed rate mortgages have perhaps bottomed under the 3.50% mark!

Reviewing and Revisiting

While visiting my daughter in September, 2011 at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I rode in the 29th Annual Shenandoah Valley Century Cycling event.  I remember this day for the people I met, the time I was able to spend with my mom and daughter and the events from 10 years earlier that had left a scar on our country.

The article that you found to be the most interesting is Fannie Mae’s Refi PLUS Program Offers Homeowners 125% Refinancing.  Too many home owners found themselves underwater with a mortgage that was greater than value of the home they had stretched to buy.  The irony was that the cure offered was one of the culprits that escalated the crisis forward.

This past month’s most viewed page was HUD-1 Settlement Statement HUD-1A.  This page was viewed the most frequently simply because one of the more common search terms was “refinance settlement statment HUD-1A“.  No, statement wasn’t spelled correctly repeatedly.

Our most commonly searched term for the month was “borrower privacy laws“.  We have spent a number of articles covering the importance of privacy to a borrower and individuals as citizens of the United States of America including A Borrower’s Right to Privacy in a Mortgage Transaction, MetFund’s privacy policy in Your Privacy and Security and the real life true story of angels and your privacy in Victoria’s Secret Helped Protect Your Privacy.

Which articles did you find most informative?



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