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This past Monday, I wrote about the varied topics people were researching and finding here on the MetFund blog.

People are looking for the facts and educating themselves to all the details and moving parts that a mortgage entails.  That is awesome!

Mortgage Information for Virginia Buyers

For over twenty years I have been helping people understand the mortgage process, mortgage credit scores, strategic purchase offers, mortgage underwriting and the mortgage closing and settlement process.  MetFund has the mortgage information for Virginia Buyers.

Now, prospective purchasers and borrowers are taking it upon themselves to use sites like MetFund’s and others to gather information and become better informed when they seek financing for the purchase or refinance of a property.

Hopeful and Promising

It is wonderful and gratifying to offer prospective buyers the opportunity to learn more about one of the biggest financial responsibilities that they will ever take on in their lifetimes.  I am really excited that these future borrowers are not waiting until they are in the middle of negotiations for their purchase but, instead they are first seeking the knowledge they need to make the best and most informed decision for themselves and their families.

Besides using this website to gather mortgage information many are taking advantage of MetFund’s automated approval system.  This provides the home buyer with a strong negotiating ability when dealing with multiple offers or a skeptical seller.

Here’s to you borrowers increasing your knowledge…  Cheers!



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