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You want the best financing available for the purchase or refinance of your property.
You will find that information here to help you get that.

After several exciting, ever challenging decades in the mortgage and real estate industry, something occurred to me;  there’s a lot I know about mortgages.

Sharing my knowledge and experience with you is a labor of love.  I’ve learned so much about the process, it’s easy to provide valuable perspective and mortgage insights that you won’t hear from other interested parties.

People are often surprised to learn that I began writing for myself, much like an online diary to figure out what I think.  Writing like this keeps the content honest (as opposed to the SEO-driven material).  It also helps to quiet the voices in my head.

If nothing else, whenever you buy property, you will have an arsenal of experience and helpful information at your fingertips to ensure you snag the best possible financing for your current situation.

Providing you with an honest, inside view of the mortgage industry is my only goal.  Understanding the process of qualifying and obtaining a mortgage in the most simple and effective manner possible will be your result.

There are many aspects of the loan process that consumers never hear about, seemingly basic things that can substantially affect your mortgage rate, costing you thousands more each year.

Most of these issues resolve with minor solutions, often just by reading blogs like this.

So go ahead, browse the site and educate yourself.
In this industry, knowledge and perspective equals savings.

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