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Loan Details You Must Know

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Loan Details You Must Know

Things to Consider:

Loan Application Checklist
A list of borrower documentation that could be required to complete the approval process and obtain funding.

Our Loan Process
Our EasyLoan process is designed to simplify and speed up the loan process and allow you to concentrate on what’s important. The EasyLoan process will save you time and get you to the closing table faster with as little hassle as possible.

Mortgage Tune-up
It’s wise to review your mortgage terms and balances on an annual basis.

How Escrow or Settlement Works
An integral step as this is where your purchase or refi is completed.

What Are My Settlement Costs?
The concept and reality of settlement charges pose a real challenge to today’s borrower. Some of the mystery concerning closing costs come from how each of the different industries involved view them.

HUD-1 Settlement Statement
Understand this form and you’ll know where all the money comes from and where all your dollars go.

Mortgage Servicing
Your mortgage servicer is the entity that collects and disburses your mortgage payment.  They may do this for their own account or on behalf of the actual owner of your mortgage debt.

What if the servicing is sold?  Find out here.

PrePayment Options
Skip the penalties and interest and pay down your loan earlier. Find the details on how and why here.


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