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A Complex Process Made Simple for the Borrower Homebuyer

Once, what was a simple and straightforward process has become a complex, regulatory nightmare even for professionals. New rules, new regulations and new compliance are all make closing a new mortgage more difficult. There’s even been some data collected that suggests it is making each transaction more expensive. Twenty years ago when MetFund was one… Continue Reading

Borrower’s Right to Privacy in a Mortgage Transaction

Borrower’s Right to Privacy The borrower’s right to privacy is a significant concern for mortgage professionals who are involved in the solicitation, origination, processing, closing and servicing of mortgage transactions.  Multiple laws protect the privacy of borrowers, and violation of these laws can result in serious liability.  Privacy laws protect borrowers from the time they… Continue Reading

Privacy in Solicitations and the Telemarketing Sales Rule

Privacy in Solicitations Telemarketing is one method that businesses such as mortgage brokers and lenders use in the solicitation of business. The origination of many mortgages begins with a sales call.  However, within the past few years, the enactment of new federal and state laws and regulations has created many restrictions and prohibitions for telephone… Continue Reading

Privacy Notices in Settlement and Servicing of Your Mortgage Loan

Privacy Notices in Settlement and Servicing of Your Mortgage Loan When the settlement of your mortgage loan takes place, compliance with privacy laws becomes an issue once again if the lender does not retain servicing rights and the loan is transferred to another financial institution for servicing.  There are a number of privacy concerns that… Continue Reading

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