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R Joseph DeSutter | McLean Virginia

May 31, 2016

Dear Steve:

I can’t thank you enough for bringing all of your loyalty and expertise to bear on the refi loan that we closed last week.  To say that it does everything I needed would be a ridiculous understatement.  It gets me out from under a home equity loan that was about to start breathing down my neck.  It puts a hefty chunk of change in my bank account – hopefully for the long term future.  And it does all of that at the interest rate you were able to track down that still lowers my monthly expenses significantly.

I can’t tell you how reassuring it was to have you (instead of a single-minded lender) engineering all of that with me, and more importantly for me.  Mortgages are always complicated business arrangements and this one was both the biggest and most multifaceted one I’ve ever been involved in.  I can’t imagine going through that process without you on my side.

As you know, I had started working with a lender who somehow managed to get my attention with one of those hideous tele-marketing campaigns by offering what sounded like a great package.  As the application process proceeded I began feeling queasy about both it and them.  Fortunately, having worked with you on past loans, I knew I could count on your counsel when their product started looking less and less attractive as it approached closure.  After discussing it with you for a few minutes I knew exactly what I needed to do.  I fired them on the
spot.  They whined and tried to engage me in debate, but my mind was made up – a degree of confidence few others in your business could have instilled.

The moment I re-started the process with you I knew I had done the right thing, and immediately began asking myself why on earth I hadn’t come to you in the first place.  After a few days of research – which you do better than anyone – you came back not with a final “take it or leave it” product, but with choices, all of which were better than what I had almost accepted.  You walked me through the pros and cons of each of them, made a few adjustments, and put together a package that I could never have found on my own.  And even if I had somehow stumbled across exactly the same arrangement I would certainly not have approached it with the confidence and security afforded by your straightforward explanations, transparency, and (above all) advocacy – for me, and my special circumstances – instead of those of a lender.
I assure you that the mistake I almost made is one that I will not make again.  The entire experience reinforced a lesson I should not have had to re-Iearn – that I have no business choosing a lender or a loan unguided by a professional mortgage broker, and that nobody provides that service better than you.

So (a) thank you beyond my powers of expression; and (b) I’ll be in touch with you from the outset next time – if not sooner!


R. Joseph DeSutter
McLean, VA

R Joseph DeSutterColonel, USAF RetiredMcLean VA
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