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And the Fed Says…

Who cares?  We won’t be paying too much attention to what the Fed says after its one day meeting. Rather, we will monitor the “markets” for their reaction.  The only thing that matters is what the market thinks they said. Mortgage rates are low.  Consider saving yourself money over the life of your loan (debt).… Continue Reading

Yield on 10 year Treasury Comes within a hair of its 52 week low

•  The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury dove yesterday morning, coming within a hair of its 52-week low of 3.1%.  But by the end of the day we were receiving price increases from our lenders.  The european problem is not fixed and the new home sale’s report was juiced by the expiration of the tax credit. … Continue Reading

The Bond Market and Mortgage Interest Rates Adjust to Market Expectations

Maybe we really are in an economic recovery.  If anyone thinks all that federal “stimulus” money had nothing to do with the soaring stock market, well, then perhaps you can stop reading right now.  And with those stock market gains the bond market has continued lower boosting yields.  FOMC minutes are scheduled to be released… Continue Reading

There Isn’t a Single Mortgage Rate for Northern Virginia or Anywhere Else

We continually hear the following question, “What’s the rate for your fixed rate loans today?” Reports from our web hosting service indicate that “mortgage rate in Northern Virginia” or “mortgage refinance rates for Northern Virginia” are two commonly searched phrases by users of For any given loan type be it a conventional, conforming, fixed… Continue Reading

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